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And now we are renewed

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Another year, another life. Or part of a life, each day a new one, keeping us moving along.

Nothing wrong with that!

New years always come with new resolutions. People want to write more, lose weight, exercise more, clean out clutter, save money, eat better, read more, spend more time with their families, and on and on and on. Most people fail to keep those resolutions, and the reasoning or rationalization for that is usually always the same: not enough time, not enough money, not enough energy. Part of the problem with these is┬áthat they are far too vague to be meaningful. If you want to exercise more, how much is “more”? For someone not getting any regular exercise at all, a simple walk around the block every day would be more. What does “eat better” really mean? What’s the “more” in “write more”, and is that time or words or pages?

A better way, I think, is not to make resolutions. Instead, make these goals “I wills”, and make them meaningful. Instead of a resolution to read more, make it “I will read one book per month.” Instead of a resolution to write more, make it “I will write at least 500 words per day.” The goal should be concrete and doable. Don’t be the person who hasn’t regularly exercised in years showing up at the gym on January 1 to work out for three hours, only to find the next day they can’t move. If you are easing back into something – working out, changing eating habits, writing – it’s perfectly fine, and almost necessary, to take small steps and work up to something larger. Maybe your “I will” is “I will write 2,000 words a day.” That is a lot of output if you have not been habitually writing at all. Break it into smaller steps: “I will write 500 words every day for three weeks, then 1,000 words every day for three weeks, then 1,500 words for three weeks, and then write 2,000 words every day from there forward.”

It is possible to get from point A to point B. But you need a map of some kind to get there. Make your map. Plan your route. Reach your goals.