Growth. Or not.

I can do without the god stuff at number eight, but number four….number four is my personal demon. It’s a voice that dates back decades thanks to – cover your eyes if you’re averse to foul language – a manipulative, condescending, hypercritical, alcoholic, emotionally abusive douchebag. Amazingly enough, although I thought I had put that person behind me, I realized while pulling weeds that the root of all of that gut-churning angst was those (formative, vulnerable) years growing up in a household with that constant hammering. They – the “they” we all know and love/hate – say the first step to tackling a problem is learning to identify the problem. It works in the tech world, in writing, in just living from one day to the next. The second step: working a way out. That’s the¬†step that needs to be taken, the puzzle that needs a solution.

Nine Ways to Stunt Our Writing Growth

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