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I am at the point in the current WIP (that’s “work in progress” for those of you unfamiliar when the particular jargon of the crazy people who make up stories and write them) where the whole show needs to transition from what I’m dubbing the intro phase and into the “give that snowball a nudge to start it rolling down the hill” phase. This is where the action will start to ramp up now that we know the principal players, we know the issues that exist and that they need to overcome, and we get to see the things they do that will ultimately lead to some kind of conclusion – in my case, with this WIP, it’s the question of catching the bad guys. Or not. Are these scenes the absolutely most exciting things in the book? No, of course not. But, like a solid dwelling, it does help to have the foundation poured so the rest of the structure can be built atop it.

On we go….