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Florida Man, the renewable resource

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Everyone knows the jokes about Florida Man and Florida Woman, I’m guessing. It’s a crazy state down here. People may believe Carl Hiaasen simply conjures the outlandishly funny things in his books out of a twisted mind, but really, the inspiration for those things surrounds us here. Since we are not all Mr. Hiaasen, however, were some of us to write in our novels these things, people would scoff at how unlikely the events and the actions of the respective Florida duo were. Simply put: in Florida, it seems there is no event so outlandish that it could not be true. Case in point: “Pork Chop” buries boss in dirt with a front loader and then beats him into unconsciousness with a ladder.

Florida is tragicomedy gold. Ponce de Leon should have been looking for that instead of the fountain of youth.