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Last month, I had a post called “Resetting”, wherein I described the woeful lack of progress on the first draft I assigned myself to write between April 1 and June 30. Unfortunately, the trend described in that post continues anew, although I did get the opening chapter and the following one done. Other than that, however, this period has not been as productive as I would have liked.

The problem is still the same: the inner voice heckling and disparaging the content I’m writing as if it the worst dreck ever created in the history of the world, thanks to an asshole I thought I had drop-kicked out of my psyche eons ago. So, clearly I still have some work to do on that front. The upside to this is when I do break through more than the handful of bricks I have  hammered out of that wall, the words do in fact flow, and the objective, rational me knows those words are not all  terrible.

I’ve been reading about strategies for dealing with this thing and I am implementing some of those to continue to challenge myself to start writing, keep writing, finish writing, edit the writing, and publish the writing. Today, I’ll add those to the mix, and  see where it takes me.

New outlook, new mindset. The goal now is a reboot as well: finishing the first draft of the current work in progress in the next 90 days, starting today.

Discipline. Willpower. Strength. These are good goals to have. They will be even better goals to reach.

Whatever you are working through, I wish you nothing but the best possible  success.

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